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Data privacy

Data Protection - Data Privacy


Make purchases over the Internet has now become very common. Many companies are available to the general public, the sites where they can view directly and simply the products and place orders. It is thus possible to make purchases through these sites.

However, although that doing shopping online has many advantages, some people are still reluctant to spend. Indeed, most people think, payments, banking transactions made through commercial sites are not secure enough. Fear spread accidentally to their personal data prevents them from adopting the process of online shopping.

YLEA, specializing in first aid equipment sales is one of the companies with a website where customers can directly make purchases and payments. To allow customers to place orders without the risk of losing personal information, YLEA has developed a data protection system.


How the site www.ylea.eu she secures banking arrangements?


A security method YLEA Group is already available when customers want to make their payments with a bank card.

- The agreement is made directly between the client and ATOS, a safe group known for its credibility as regards the security of online transactions. The agreement is secured with a SSL coding system.

Through this process, give the number of his bank card on YLEA Group presents more risk. To promote security number, the site already adopted an identifiable secure process using two indices:

- Internet Explorer, a green padlock locking, by cons, Netscape Navigator or Netscape Communicator, a lock or not closed lock allows the customer to identify the security system

- The "https: //" in the web address is secure, allowing encoding of information during transmission over the Internet

- With YLEA Group, there is no risk of spreading the numbers of bank cards because they are not kept

personal data protection system with YLEA Group


Referring to computer Protection Act stipulated January 6, 1978, each client can access a correction, revision or total withdrawal of their personal data. Thus, if the customer wishes, he can get commercial proposals by telephone or on his post mail.


How not to be contacted by YLEA?


To make sure you erase your personal data from our database, it's easy: Send us your request by email: contact@ylea.eu. We are committed to the deal as soon as possible.


Presence of cookies for data privacy


YLEA Group provides clients cookies that can record information to file on their computers.


Cookies have the intent of:


- Make it easier to navigate through the site

- Provide advice to clients and allow them to retain the items displayed in the reception basket

- Make statistics and measure the frequency of consultation site YLEA Group and advise clients on appropriate products or services

Please note that these cookies are strictly confidential and are only valid for a single computer.


The client can not accept the cookies registration shaping its browser, according to the following method:


1 in the case of Microsoft Internet Explorer:


-it must choose the "Tools" menu then click on "Internet Options"

-he then enters the "Privacy" tab

- Finally, it sets itself the level at will with the cursor

2 - in the case of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5:

- The customer must enter the "Tools" menu and click "Internet Options"

- It then click on the "Security" tab

- He chose "Internet" and click on the "Custom Level"

- Selects the "cookies" section and click on the functionality it wants

3 - if it concerns Netscape 6.X and 7.X:

-The customer selects the "Edit" menu, "Preferences"

-he enters the game Privacy and Security

-he then click on cookies

4 -if is Netscape Communicator 4.X:

- The customer clicks on the "Edit" menu and "Preferences"

- He then chooses the "Advanced"

- Enters in the "Cookies"

5 - in the case of Opera 6.0 and more:

- Simply enter the "File" menu and "Preferences"

- He enters the game Privacy

6 - regarding Firefox 1 or 2:

- The customer selects the "Tools" menu after "Options"

- He chose later Privacy

- Finally, it enters a "cookie" and accept the site www.ylea.eu

Place orders on retail sites is not only lose less time, but allows you to make purchases faster. It is currently possible to make its online sales of first aid equipment or medical equipment on www.ylea.eu. With this site, you can view a selection of health care equipment and first aid. It should be noted that the purchases are secured through a system of protection of personal data and confidentiality.

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