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Huge ear

Huge ear Huge ear Huge ear Huge ear Huge ear    
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Ref. : Y303A
£  56.91 + VAT
£  68.29 incl VAT
Huge ear detailing the external, average and internal ear. Very realistic model for the learning of the physiology or the hygiene.

GEANT model of the external ear, middle and inner!

Designed for health education and physiology enables understanding the operation of the three main parts of the structure of the hearing organ (external ear, middle ear, inner ear) and positioning of the organ of the human body balance.


- The outer ear allowing observation of the atrium and the main characteristics of the external ear canal,

- The middle ear proposing the study of the tympanic membrane, the three ossicles (hammer, anvil and stirrup) and the eustachian tube,

- The inner ear listing the vestibule, the cochlea and the three semicircular canals of the osseous labyrinth.

Material: PVC.

Dimensions: 42 x 24 x 16 centimeters.


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