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Mini human skeleton 45 cms on base

Mini human skeleton 45 cms on base Mini human skeleton 45 cms on base Mini human skeleton 45 cms on base Mini human skeleton 45 cms on base Mini human skeleton 45 cms on base    
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CHEAPEST PRICE! Gift for this anatomical skeleton delivered with ultra-complete base. Mobility of the joints of the superior and lower extremities.
Livraison 24/48h
Delivery 48/72h

This handy mini skeleton can be placed on a desk!

Male type skeleton comes with its base.

Designed for your anatomical demonstrations of the human skeleton, its bones and joints through the mobility of upper and lower limbs.

Details of this mini human skeleton


Composed of 22 pieces of bone and you will find the internal structures of mobile skull with lower jaw.


The 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae and 5 lumbar vertebrae and 23 intervertebral discs, a piece of the sacrum and coccyx. The column contains the natural curvatures (cervical and lumbar).


You can see a piece of rib cartilage from the sternum and 24 ribs broken down as follows,

- 7 pairs (1-7) of the true ribs,

- 3 pairs (8 to 10) of the false ribs,

- 2 pairs (11 to 12) of the floating ribs.


It consists of the sacrum, coccyx and hip bone.

Bones of the upper limbs:

You will find the shoulder girdle (scapula and clavicle) attached to the bony thorax, and 64 bone separable parts. Important joints, shoulder, elbow and wrist, are mobile.

Bones of the lower limbs:

Composed of 62 bones removable parts, this part of the skeleton includes pelvic (hip bone) of the fixed pelvis, the other lower limb joints moving (hip, knee and ankle).

Size mini skeleton: 45 cm;

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