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Model of physical eye

Model of physical eye Model of physical eye Model of physical eye Model of physical eye Model of physical eye    
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Ref. : 1003806
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This model is of use to the demonstration of the optical functions of eye. Half of the orbit with diaphragm of the iris, the support of the lens and 2 convex lenses

Detailed anatomical models for passionate students!

Intended to demonstrate the optical functions of the eye this model serves to illustrate the functioning and abnormalities of the latter, such as myopia and presbyopia, accommodation or representation of an object on the retina.

Technical characteristics of the physical eye model

You will find the following elements necessary for the study of this body, mounted on sticks:

- Half orbit with the diaphragm of the iris, a lens support and two convex lens (f = 65 mm and 80 mm)

- A crystalline media with a concave correction lens,

- Half orbit with retina (transparent screen)

- A small chandelier with 2 candles to illustrate the functioning of the eye in various concrete cases.

Other equipment:

- An aluminum rail, 50 cm long, with 4 mechanisms of pushing and pulling on which the sticks fit,

- A detailed user guide with instructions for each case,

- A carrying case for storage and protection equipment.

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