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Fire extinguisher training tray

Fire extinguisher training tray Fire extinguisher training tray Fire extinguisher training tray Fire extinguisher training tray Fire extinguisher training tray    
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Ref. : V9000024
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2m Flames !! YLEA Promotion:Waterless generator for fire extinguisher training and handling.
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Delivery 48/72h

The reference of professional fire extinguisher training tray!

YLEA offers its flame generator large format (70 x 63 x 28 cm) SMALL PRICE, Enjoy!

- Professional equipment tested and certified.

The operational safety is your priority, require CE certification


- Simplicity and economy! "No need to provide water!"

- Ultra Powerful: Height flames up to 2 m (see Video - Testing conducted with a bottle without flow limiter!).

- Works with all the extinguishing agents (water, powder, CO2)

- Convenient: For use with flow limiter without bottles or household propane cylinders of 13 kg.

This pack fire extinguisher training tray includes:

- The flame generator.

- A latest generation lyre with adjustable gas flow at several positions.

- The lighting remote control.

- A replacement ignition electrode OFFERED.

- Instructions for use.

- For optimum and maximum flame height using our generator ecological modular flames without water is compatible with propane cylinders without flow limiter.

- Participants in staff training in the use of fire extinguishers will be impressed by the realism of the flames going up to 2 m in height (with a bottle of 13 kg propane without flow limiter).

- Height of flame with a bottle of domestic propane: 50-60 cm

- Compatible with our Doubler POWERPLUS bottles flame generator for higher flames.

- The generator the simplest and most effective for your fire training.

Technical description of modular flameless water generator

- Ecology = Savings: no pollutant waste emission.

- Compatible with any extinguishing agent.

- Simplicity: no water intake.

- Setting the mounting height.

- Easy to start with our wired remote.

- Small footprint: Long. 70 x width. H 63 x 28 cm 14.3 kg.

- Total area: 0.42 m².

- Stainless steel for easy and fast cleaning.

- Gas supply: 6 lyre Fire meters.

- Capacity: 12 kg / h propane without limiter (Antargaz is recommended you).

- Robust housing (for remote control).

- Secure button saving you operate unnecessarily.

- Alkaline Batteries not included 2 x LR06 (AA).

- Cable 6 Fire meters (IEC Standard 331).

- Optional: Additional training modules (see photos).

Results during training with a flame generator without water (without wind, 6 ° C):

2m flame height.

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