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Muscular model bisexu

Muscular model bisexu Muscular model bisexu Muscular model bisexu Muscular model bisexu Muscular model bisexu    
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Ref. : 1000209
£  5115.85 + VAT
£  6139.01 incl VAT
This muscular, life-size model, reproduced the various anatomical structures of the human being in a extremely detailed way.

Muscle size model!

Muscular anatomic superior model reproducing in detail the various anatomical structures of the human being.

On the right half the skin is shown while on the left you will find the superficial and deep muscles with vessels, nerves and bone structures.

Specifications Model bisexual muscle, in 39 games

The following items are removed for better observation:

- The head, in 2 parts, heart and stomach are in 2 parts thus promoting the internal study of these organs,

- Half of the brain, kidney and another 2 lung to complete their observation,

- The intestines into 4 parts,

- The liver with gall bladder,

- Chest and abdominal wall with detachable mammary gland for the observation of a female model or complete male,

- A set of female genitalia with embryo into 3 parts, another male genital organs in 4 parts,

- The torso with integument (arm and leg)

- The sterno-mastoid cléiodo,

- An arm of 6 parts including these muscles: deltoid, biceps, triceps, long palmar muscle and flexor carpi radialis, brachioradialis and extensor carpi radial muscle)

- A thigh in 5 games on which you will see the following muscles: sartorius, gluteus maximus, right thigh, the biceps femoris muscle and finally the semitendinosus muscle)

- A calf in 2 parts and the gastrocnemius muscle (removable).

This model comes with a CD of comprennant apprentissageainsi programs and a second including detailed explanations and images of the structures studied.

Rolling Stand wood and provided installation instructions.

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