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Skeleton Shorty on base

Skeleton Shorty on base Skeleton Shorty on base Skeleton Shorty on base Skeleton Shorty on base Skeleton Shorty on base    
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Detailed anatomical model of superior-quality skeleton guaranteed 3 years for the education of the anatomy and the human physiology.
Livraison 24/48h
Delivery 48/72h

An ideal backbone for the office or to offer!

A skeleton ultra-detailed small super competitive price!

Mini Skeleton Shorty

Comes with support.

Shorty the skeleton is realistic and durable

It is a detailed mini-skeleton of high quality and very realistic.

anatomical skeleton Shorty


This model will be a valuable ally in courses in anatomy and physiology allow your students to study the morphology of the bones and joints.

The hyoid bone and the bones of the ear are not shown.

The upper and lower ends are movable allowing a good observation of the articular interactions.

skeletal composition Shorty

- The skull is composed of 22 bones with lines marked serrated sutures. The calvarium is cut transversely to properly study the internal structures of the skull. The lower jaw is movable.

- The spinal column consists of 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae and 5 lumbar vertebrae. For complete you will also have a piece of the sacrum, coccyx room and 23 intervertebral discs. The spine has two convex curves forward (cervical and lumbar) and the thoracic and sacral curvature, convex towards the rear,

- The bony thorax, he has 24 ribs, a piece of costal cartilages and another sternum. It comprises 7 pairs of true ribs (1 to 7), 3 pairs of short ribs (8 to 10) and two pairs of floating ribs (11 to 12),

- The bony pelvis includes the sacrum, coccyx and of course the two pieces of bone from the hip,

- The bones of the upper limbs consist of 64 pieces of bone divisible between them. The scapula and clavicle (shoulder girdle) are attached to the bony thorax, and you can easily handle the major joints (shoulders, elbows and wrists). The remaining upper limb can be taken down.

- The bones of the lower limbs are themselves composed of 62 separated bone pieces. The hip bone (pelvic) is attached to the construction of the hipbone. Essential joints (hips, knees and ankles) are mobile. You can take the rest from the bottom parts of the legs.

Material: PVC plastic.

Skeletal size: 85cm.

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