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Skeleton Stan

Skeleton Stan Skeleton Stan Skeleton Stan Skeleton Stan Skeleton Stan    
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Ref. : Y101
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GREAT PROMOTIONAL: your classic human skeleton STAN actual size guaranteed 3 years at a discount price! Anatomical model of very realistic skeleton on support in 5 castors.
Livraison 24/48h
Delivery 48/72h

Stan: Finally an anatomical skeleton full size 3-year warranty at affordable prices!

  - Classic Skeleton Stan, on 5 wheels support.

- This skeleton is designed for anatomical study and physiology as well as the morphology of bones and joints.

- The skeleton is in the vertical position, its upper and lower ends are mobile hyoid bone, auditory ossicles are not represented).

STAN, anatomical skeleton The actual size of reference!

Characteristics :

- The skull is composed of bone parts (sutures lines serrated exposed marked). The Calvarium transected allows observation of internal structures of the skull. The lower jaw is movable and 3 are removable teeth (incisor, canine and molar).

- The spinal column consists of 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 5 lumbar vertebrae and 23 intervertebral discs. There is also a piece of the sacrum and coccyx. The spine has four curves, convex cervical and lumbar forward and the thoracic and sacral curvature, convex back.

  - The bony thorax, where you will find 24 ribs, 1-7 true ribs (7 pairs), 8-10 short ribs (3 pairs), 11-12 floating ribs (2 pairs) and a piece of costal cartilages and a piece sternum.

- The hipbone with the two pieces of bone from the hip, and of course the sacrum and coccyx.

- The bones of the upper limbs (64 bones). The shoulder girdle (scapula and clavicle) is attached to the bony thorax. Shoulders, elbows and wrists are mobile.

- The bones of the lower limbs (62 bones). Pelvic (hip bone) is attached to the hipbone. Hips, knees and ankles are articulated.

- Other parts of the upper and lower limbs can be taken down.

  This model is made of PVC plastic.

skeletal height with support: 180cm (without stand 165 cm).

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