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Terms of Sales



Sales Terms YLEA Group - Update September 15, 2016

1 - Processing orders:

To be treated effectively, your orders orders must include obligatorily:

- The precise indication of the place of billing and delivery,
- An order date,
- The name, signature and contact information of the person initiating the order,
- References to products, the number of packing units ordered and the product description.

2 - Special Conditions:

The catalog or estimate precisely the conditions of sale as the dates of validation of prices and any promotions or shipping charges ..



3 - Delivery times:

Shipping items by quantity required and stock availability. We nevertheless wish to observe as much as possible a delivery within 48 hours articles.



4 - Transport:

The responsibility of YLEA company is not liable for any delays, theft or damage to goods during transportation, it is your responsibility to exercise any legal recourse, under Articles 105 and 106 of the Commercial Code, against the carrier, even when delivered.



5 - Protests, Cancellation policy:

5.1 - For a claim to be admissible, the parcel recipient must check the contents upon receipt in the presence of the carrier and its issuing any remarks on the delivery of the carrier
No claim will be admissible if it is not made within days of delivery, from us by registered letter with return receipt to: YLEA CS-561-83 90 041 TOULON CEDEX 9.
. It is up to the purchaser to provide any justification for this.

5.2 - All product returns must be subject to the prior approval of our services. Any product used and not being in a perfectly new condition and packaged will be recoverable.
Training materials (CD, CDROM, movies will be returned in their original sealed packaging. Under the Ordinance of 23 August 2001, the withdrawal period of fourteen (14) days does not apply to contracts software download.


Return costs will be borne by the purchaser. In the case of an error in the reference products delivered by YLEA business, return shipping costs will be refunded by YLEA. The customer has a period of 30 days to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to give reasons or pay penalties, except for return shipping costs are dependents . In case of withdrawal, reimbursement of the product shall be made only if it is returned in perfect condition with new cartons, leaflets and original accessories. The withdrawal period does not apply to companies and retailers have benefited from price retailers and stored in relation to the price displayed on the website www.ylea.eu.


In case of no recovery package by the customer to the carrier after the period of retention, packages of referral fees will YLEA by the customer.



6 - Price:

6.1 - Our prices are charged based on the tariffs or catalogs on the day of the contractual delivery date. They are exclusive of taxes, special conditions of sale specified in our catalogs and specifications (Article 2). shipping costs are £9.99 excl VAT and may be higher for heavy or bulky products. In these cases, our shipping department reserves the right to charge additional shipping costs, after customer acceptance. In general, the shipping costs on the site are displayed for information only and have no contractual value. The port is offered free for all orders> £1000 for UK.


6.2 - Taxes are considered accessories to the sales contract, any changes to their rate will be a supplementary charge.



7 - Payment of invoices:

Terms of payment:

- Unless we agree otherwise, the terms of payment are per check or bank transfer, the total payment T.T.C being the prerequisite for the consideration of the order by YLEA Group.

- In the case of a prior agreement from us regarding the payment of part of the sums due following the delivery, any delay in payment will carry penalties based on a half times the legal interest rate, and calculated on the number of days of delay with respect to the settlement date on the invoice.
- We give the right to suspend the current orders and demand immediate payment of all our outstanding invoices.

8 - Retention of title clause:

Ownership of the goods will be transferred to the buyer after full payment and accessories, making YLEA Group PROPERTY EXPRESSLY RESERVED according to Law No. 80-335 of 12 May 1980.


9 - Cancellation:

YLEA Group reserves the right to cancel an order or a contract by simple notification in cases:

- A failure to supply the ordered product,
- From non-compliance with the conditions of payment, insolvency, activities, total or partial redemption of the buyer.

10 - Acceptance or modification of terms and conditions:

10.1 - Any buyer who order our products, whether habitual relationship with us or not, shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms of Sale.
10.2 - A copy of these General Terms can be sent on request, by fax, mail or email.
10.3 - In case our General Sales Conditions would be incompatible with yours, a written bilateral agreement will specify the Terms of Sale to be considered for any new business transaction.



11 - Warranty conditions:

All our products have a warranty from the manufacturer to a minimum of 1 year against manufacturing defects, this warranty excludes malfunction or anomalies resulting from an unsuitable use of the latter. The warranty also excludes changes in texts involving a change of contents of some training materials.


Sheet indicates whether the warranty period is greater. The guarantee runs from the date of issue of the invoice. defective product transshipment costs are borne by the beneficiary of the guarantee, the cost of shipping the repaired are in YLEA or manufacturer of load carrying out the repair. The instructions and precautions on the product guaranteed to be respected, you will void the warranty. The guarantee does not apply to compensation for damage resulting from a cause external to the device (eg an accident, shock, lightning, storm, a power fluctuation ... ), a job, a facility or a non-compliant connection to the specifications or the manufacturer's specifications, use of harmful for the good preservation of the unit, a commercial or collective character to use, the use of devices, accessories or consumables misfits .. in any case, the legal guarantee for hidden defects and vices are made pursuant tothe law. The repair time for a guaranteed product is independent of YLEA, the defective product is returned to the manufacturer. Appliances must be returned in its original box. Warranty and return of defibrillators catalog is managed directly from each manufacturer.



Check the condition of goods and compliance with quantities announced the delivery in the presence of the driver.

• Products are missing or damaged? Stock up on the slip that the carrier gives you for signature. Your reservations must be justified. Describe the problem identified.
• Confirm your mandatory reserves within 48 hours by mail R.A.R. sent to the carrier. Send us a copy of this letter.
• Keep the goods available to the Insurance Company for a possible expertise. When receiving the products, it is the Customer to verify, in the presence of the carrier, the condition of the delivered products.

If lost or damaged upon receipt, the Customer will have to issue any reservations comply with Articles 106 and following of the Commercial Code.




Unless express prior written decision on the part of YLEA notified to the customer prior to delivery of each order, Ylea retain full ownership of products and accessories shipped until full payment and corresponding to perfect execution by the customer of his obligations to the company Ylea.
Until then delivered products will be considered as recorded and the customer will bear all risks associated with damages that the products might suffer or cause for any reason whatsoever. Furthermore the products can not be resold without the prior written consent of Ylea society. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in case of failure by the customer a payment deadline, Ylea, without prejudice to any other rights, may obtain, as of right and notification to the customer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, the return of products to the customer's expense.




Unless otherwise expressly provided, the parties agree that all notices of cancellations, changes and other operations on deals offered by Ylea will be made either by email or by fax or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
The parties recognizing to this effect the same probative value to these e-mails and faxes as exchanges in the form recommended with acknowledgment of receipt.
In case of dispute between the parties, the document as a basis for demonstration of proof that will be kept in the archive system Ylea or fax.




Unless mandatory legal provisions contrary:

• responsibility for Ylea not be engaged as exclusive and proven fault in causing the damage;
• Ylea will in no way be held responsible towards the Client for any indirect damage such as damage or disturbance to business, loss of goodwill, loss benefited, brand image loss or loss of data;
• in any event, the responsibility of Ylea towards the Client shall not be sought beyond 6 months following the occurrence of the event of the latter and exceed the total net amount paid by the Customer under Ylea command which generated responsibility.




The parties can not be held responsible for a breach of any of their obligations on the occurrence of a force majeure event as defined in the Civil Code. Force majeure particularly includes the following events: fires, interruption of information systems and telecommunications, transportation incidents or failure, strike, block out, or ban bans imports or exports.




All orders resulting in the establishment of an automated file in accordance with the law "and Freedoms" of 6 January 1978 on behalf of Ylea.
The collection of information is necessary for order processing and billing. Otherwise the order will be validated. A right of access and rectification regarding customer information may be exercised by him in writing to the following address:
YLEA YLEA-CS-561-83 90 041 TOULON CEDEX 9 or contact@yleagroup.eu. Unless written opposition, the information may be disclosed to third parties.





 YLEA reserves the right to delete these pages all advertising comments, derogatory or offensive.



19 - Jurisdiction clause:

The Commercial Court of Toulon, place of residence of the head office of our company will only empowered to receive and arbitrate any dispute and any legal action without exception, under these General Terms and their application.



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